Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our highlights for the week of December 13th

We were in COP-21, Paris!: 
Our Executive Director, Dr. Javier E. Laureano, represented the San Juan Bay Estuary Program in the Paris Climate Conference, from December 7, 2015 to December 11th. The various events and exhibitions were covered widely in our Facebook page. Laureano conducted several interviews for Radio San JUan, most notably with Ramón Cruz, ex-Vice President of the Environmental Quality Board of Puerto Rico.  As part of the participation of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources in the event, the agency distributed our Citizen Science to Climate Change Guide.


El Programa del Estuario en COP-París. Los países africanos se unen para proteger sus manglares y ecosistemas costeros para protegerse y adaptarse al cambio climático.
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En la Cumbre Climática de París, hoy en un foro sobre las migraciones debidas al cambio climático-los migrantes climáticos-. Los representantes de los campesinos migrantes reclaman a las Naciones Unidas instrumentos legales que los protejan.
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Hoy un migrante climático que fue ilegal por años ofrece el ejemplo de Fiji, donde están comprando tierras en otras zonas porque ya es inevitable que el impacto del cambio climático hará inhabitable a su país. ¿Qué tipo de ciudadanía van a tener estas personas en las nuevas tierras? ¿Qué derechos?
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Aunque en el resto de París prohibieron las marchas y demostraciones en la COP-21 los ánimos están cada vez más caldeados en parte por lo general de los acuerdos a los que se están llegando.
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AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer and Special Assistant to the Executive Director recruitment announcement: 
This week we released a call for three volunteer positions for our AmeriCorps VISTA initiative. The positions include Flora/Fauna Researcher, Site Organizer for our allied initiative Casa Taft in Santurce, and a Community Environmental Improvement Organizer. The calls have been published through social media.  We also announced the vacant position left by Dr. Ricardo Colón as Special Assistant of the Executive Director.  Now Dr. Colón is the new manager of the North Eastern Ecological Corridor.

Community-based adaptations to floodings: 
On Wednesday 9th of December, our contractor, Dr. Katia Avilés, offered a workshop in the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources offices about her research.  Avilés is investigating how communities prone to floods and other climate change phenomenons, are adapting to their new reality.  As part of this research, we will publish an inventory of the actions taken by the communities of the watershed to adapt to climate change.


Cleanup of Sábana Llana creek:  
On Sunday 13th, volunteers led by Roberto Morales conducted a cleanup of the aforementioned creek in the Hill Brothers community, in San Juan.  In addition to the cleanup, Roberto accompanied by a grassroots movement named The Tribe, identified the possible sources of illegal dumps in the area, as well as raw sewage discharges.

Oral History Project of the SJBE:  
This week the students of the recognized reporter and university professor Mario Roche, finished their semester of the “In-Depth Interviews” class at the University of Puerto Rico.  The professor dedicated this year his class to the Oral History Project of our entity.  The students will deliver to our organization several interviews conducted in the communities of the watershed, as well as the audio archives. We expect to publish a book of our Oral History Project during 2016.     

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