Monday, December 21, 2015

Highlights for the week ending November 8th

Joffre Street Climate Change Adaptation:
On November 5th the San Juan Bay Estuary Project met with local residents and personnel from the US Army Corp of Engineers to discuss a recurring but increasingly frequent problem of tidal inundation in the Joffre Street area of Condado. Although this is not a new problem, it has become more serious in the last 5 years, making this a case study of climate change and sea level rise adaptation in the urban areas of the San Juan Bay Estuary.

San Juan Harbor Navigation Project:
We participated in the recent meeting of the San Juan Harbor Navigation Project that was held in the Conventions Center of Puerto Rico last week. We offered ourselves as point of contact and mediators of talks with the communities surrounding the San Juan Bay, to promote sensible planning and the protection of the many important species and ecosystems that shape the San Juan Bay.

The San Juan Harbor is the most active of the Caribbean and the 10th most active of the US.

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