Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Highlights for the week ending November 15th

Interactive music concerts in the schools of Caño Martín Peña:
We facilitated four workshops/concerts, titled “Con Vivaldi y Handel en el Caño… Las cuatro estaciones y la música acuática” (With Vivaldi and Handel in the [Martín Peña] Channel… The seasons and water-music). These were conducted in November 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th in elementary schools Jaime Rosario Benítez, Emilio del Toro Cuevas, Juanita García Peraza and Santiago Iglesias Pantín, respectively. The concerts featured water-themed music, mainly excerpts from Vivaldi’s “The Seasons” and Handel’s “Water Music.” The musicians engaged the students in short conversations about the importance of keeping nearby bodies of water clean, how many entities are working toward cleaning their nearby channel, and how the wood and materials used to make their instruments came from nature. The students responded amazingly to the concerts, especially to the parts where familiar tunes were played, and when they got to touch and play the musicians’ instruments at the end of each concert.

Música caño4.jpg
Música caño3.jpg

Photography and footage recorded in each concert will be part of a short documentary that will be produced by our communications team and released in may 2016.

Meeting with visual artist in Piñones:
Our AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers met with visual artist Edna Santiago in November 13th. Edna works in her own home-gallery in the heart of the Piñones community as a painter and craftswoman, utilizing elements taken from the palmtrees and other species of Piñones. Our VISTA group has identified the sale of art and handmade crafts as a potential opportunity for economic growth in this community, and this artist presents the perfect example of using the natural resources available to her as prime materials for her art.


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