Thursday, August 11, 2016

Highlights for the week ending August 6th

8.5.2016: Conservation and restoration projects across the San Juan Bay Estuary watershed
Our new Habitat Restoration Specialist, biologist Ivangs Rivera, MSc, led a trip to the wetlands surrounding the Suárez Channel to evaluate the current condition of the non-native species Melaleuca quinquenervia within the area. He was accompanied by our Scientific Director, Jorge Bauzá, PhD, ornithologist Laura Fidalgo, MSc, and our Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator, Harold Manrique.

Volunteer work
This week, the El Nuevo Día newspaper published a collaborative article between our Executive Director Javier Laureano, PhD, and reporter Gerardo Alvarado, about the rise and increasing need for volunteer work during one of the worst economic recessions in Puerto Rico's history. The article highlights the efforts of the San Juan Bay Estuary Program's own volunteers as the de facto alternative for environmental justice to the communities of the watershed.
Published on Sunday, August 7th.
Link to the article:


8.6.2016: Estuary Cinema at the Condado Lagoon
Last Saturday we presented “The Good Dinosaur”  at the Jaime Benitez park, by the Estuarine Reserve of the Condado Lagoon.

8.5.2016: Green Flag for Condado Lagoon
In general, the lagoon did meet the enterococcus measurement standard. The average was 5.01CFU/100mL, which is below the limit of 35CFU/100mL. Only one station did not meet the requirements (Cll Aguadilla, 63CFU/100mL).
Link to interactive graph:

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