Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Highlights for the week ending August 13th

8.8.2016: Educational and environmental field trip by Condado Lagoon
Our Education Manager, Javier Cardona, guided a group of girls from the 015 troop of the Girl Scouts. The eleven (11) enthusiastic scouts identified the flora and fauna surrounding the Condado Lagoon and grasped the importance of environmental volunteer work through a water quality monitoring exercise.

8.9.2016: Third Forum Of Prevention And Control of Light Pollution in Puerto Rico
We supported the Third Forum Of Prevention And Control of Light Pollution in Puerto Rico, at the Conservatory of Music of PR. Our Habitat Restoration Specialist, Ivangs Rivera, MSc, and ornithologist Laura Fidalgo, MSc, were present at this important and interesting forum.

08.12.2016: Educational Campaign about the lionfish
We’ve started an educational campaign as part of our Lionfish population control pilot project with a series of colorful posters. These are now on display in our Visitor Center and have been shared through our social networks.

pez leon-02.png

08.13.2016, Trash Free Waters Project:
An important educational activity was organized in our Visitor Center this weekend. The AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, our Trash Free Waters Coordinator, Rosana Betancourt gave a workshop about how to create reusable bags. This initiative was a prelude to the law prohibiting the use of plastic bags in Puerto Rico and as part of our Trash Free Waters project. Ten (10) participants learned more about the San Juan Bay Estuary, the importance of volunteer work and how to make reusables bags.

a imagen puede contener: 1 persona , interior

8.11.2016: Green Flag for Condado Lagoon
In general, the lagoon did meet the enterococcus measurement standard. The average was 14.03CFU/100mL, which is below the limit of 35CFU/100mL. Only one station did not meet the requirements (Cll Aguadilla, 63CFU/100mL).
Link to interactive graph:

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