Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Highlights for the week ending September 3rd

08.31.2016: Riparian and restoration projects across the San Juan Bay Estuary watershed
Part of our staff and AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers performed a site visit to the Ausubo Creek riparian restoration project. We completed a tree inventory with the objective of measuring and monitoring project’s performance and success after two years of implementation. Moreover, the staff provided maintenance to the Cobana negra– an endangered tree species planted in the site -  by removing the undesirable vines that were growing all over the trees and impairing healthy individuals.  The project area cover was quantified and a full report will be available by the end of September.  Our Scientific Director Dr. Jorge Bauzá coordinated the activity.  We thank our Habitat Restoration Specialist, biologist Ivangs Rivera and our Fauna and Flora specialist AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer Laura Fidalgo, MSc for their support and collaboration.     

09.01.2016: Inventory of current and past adaptations to climate change in the Martín Peña Channel Communities:
Our Climate Change Community Coordinator, geographer Roberto Morales, led the first meeting with the Environmental Patrol Group in the Santiago Iglesias Pantin School. Morales introduced the kids to several artists who will be working with them. This is a project sponsored by the New York Community Trust to explore climate change community adaptation strategies and to create a vulnerability and risk geodatabase.

09.01.2016 Estuarine Water Quality Volunteer Monitoring Program
This week we completed our annual Water Quality Monitoring Program audit. The SJBEP’s Scientific Director Dr. Jorge Bauzá, conducted the audit, certified that all the required steps before, during, and after a monitoring event are followed implementing our Quality Assurance Project Plan and thus certifying the development of good quality data.  The audit was performed successfully with a “pass” score. All recommendations will be discussed directly with the Water Quality Monitoring Coordinator, Harold Manrique.

9.03.2016: Estuary Cinema at the Condado Lagoon
Last Saturday we presented “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at the Jaime Benitez park at the Estuarine Reserve of the Condado Lagoon. Dozens of people enjoyed this epic film under the stars.

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