Saturday, April 16, 2016

Highlights for the week ending March 26th

SJBEP Billboards Educational Campaign
We’ve started an educational campaign about the SJBEP and our Internet page. With giant billboards, citizens can learn more about the bodies of water that are part of the San Juan Bay Estuary.

The National Estuary Program received endorsement for next year’s budget
Last week, 52 members of United States Congress endorsed the budget request for the National Estuary Program. In a bipartisan petition, those Members of Congress legitimized the importance of the NEP ongoing work. The Residence Commissioner of Puerto Rico in Washington, Pedro Pierluisi, signed the petition supporting the SJBEP.  

Water Quality Monitoring Program with Volunteers
This week we raised the green flag for the Condado Lagoon, as part of the Condado Lagoon Estuarine Reserve Enterococcus Monitoring Project. We monitored five stations for fecal enterococcus. On average, the reserve met the federal standard of 35CFU/100mL reporting a total of 3.16CFU/100mL.

Sanitary discharge identification and elimination project article
Local newspaper “El Nuevo Día”, published an article on March 27 about our sanitary discharge identification and elimination project. Last week, the research team of the Project conducted several interviews and made contacts with community leaderships, as well as state agencies, for the information of this educational and successful article.
Here's the article:

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