Thursday, October 21, 2010

EcoCantera/ DNER Pump Station's Sanitary Discharges/ CAPECO/ PC 1676

Weekly update for October 17, 2010 to October 23, 2010

EcoCantera New Sanitary Sewer Campaign:
The Corporation for the Integration of the Cantera Community and the San Juan Bay Estuary Program launched on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 "EcoCantera", a new outreach campaign to inform the community on the construction of its new sanitary infrastructure that will connect 1,000 homes to the Puerto Nuevo Wastewater Treatment Plant. For a preview and press coverage please follow the links:

Community Leaders Urge Action on the DNER Pump Station’s Sanitary Discharges: The situation was brought to the attention of Javier Laureano in a meeting held with Cantera community representatives on Wednesday, October 20, 2010. The pump station is suppose to alleviate from flooding the neighborhoods of Ocean Park and Llorens Torres, but instead of discharging stormwater, this mechanism is instead discharging into the lagoon raw sanitary sewage on a volume that is portrait by the community “as a creek of sanitary water inlet into the waters that border the Cantera community”. The SJBEP is taking several actions to help solve the problem.

The San Juan Municipality’s Executive Director Endorses Bill PC 1676: Last Monday, October 18, 2010, Mrs. Lourdes Rovira endorsed the bill of the House of Representatives (PC 1676) that will create by law the San Juan Bay Estuary Program’s Implementation Committee. According to this legislation, all mayors of the watershed, government agencies and quasi-governmental entities (Enlace and Cantera) will appoint a representative to our Implementation Committee to track and coordinate the implementation of our Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. At the end of each year, the Implementation Committee will publish the CCMP Implementation Annual Report. Pedro Gelabert sent a thank you note to Mrs. Rovira for her endorsement of the bill, that will further vigorously the implementation process of all our restoration actions.

First Anniversary of the Caribbean Petroleum (CAPECO) Explosion Hits Today’s Front-Page News: EPA and local agencies confirmed that remaining petroleum tanks do have leaks; CAPECO filed bankruptcy and didn’t pay fines or acquired land for the Cucharillas Marsh Nature Reserve; community is concerned with potential hazards to human health-

One-Hour Documentary on the San Juan Bay Estuary On Its Way: Emmy-Award Director María Falcón interviewed Javier Laureano and has been working since Friday, October 15 with Dr. Jorge Bauzá in the shooting of a new documentary about the San Juan Bay Estuary. It will be presented in a TV program geared to schools students and teachers.

Dr. Jorge Ortiz Contracted for CCMP Revision: Limnologist and Environmental Scientist Dr. Jorge Ortiz was contracted yesterday, Wednesday, October 20, 2010 to draft ten (10) new actions related to the fresh water tributaries of the San Juan Bay Estuary, climate change and others. Attached please find his CV. We expect to hire a small group of specialists to keep revising and drafting new CCMP actions.

Save the Date!! TODAY- Jueves de Río Piedras - The San Juan Bay Estuary Program is presenting its Estuary’s Green Cinema on the Jueves de Río Piedras activity, a community event that takes places on the square across from the Urban Train stop and La Tertulia library at Río Piedras (Plaza del Roble) at 8:00PM We will be featuring the new documentary EcoCantera. The producers of the event will present local movie El Clown.

Save the Date!! SATURDAY- Estuary’s Green Cinema- We will be presenting the movie Full Moon as well as the new documentary EcoCantera. Like every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, the event takes place at the Condado Lagoon Park at 7:00pm thanks to the sponsorship of the Puerto Rico Parks Company and EPA.

Save the Date!! EPA’s 40th Anniversary-December 10th, 2010- The Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with an all-day seminar comprised by themes related to Vieques, Recycling and the Martín Peña dredging. The event will take place at the Inter American University on December 10, 2010 from 8am to 5:30pm. Judith Enck, EPA Regional Administrator, will highlight EPA’s priorities for the island. For reservations please call Mrs. Brenda Reyes at 787-977-5869

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